Specialised Men Treatments

Mens Facials

Your Dermalogica Skin Therapist will diagnose our skin concerns; she will prescribe a homecare and treatment regime to deliver your optimum skin health in your 14 unique zones.

MICROZONE TREATMENT – 25 mins                                      £30.00

An ideal way to target and treat localised concerns. We all get breakouts that appear from nowhere or suddenly skin looks dull and lifeless...

We’re ready to target your most pressing skin issue in 25 minutes with the new customisable Microzone treatments for the following concerns:

 )    Eyes

2)    Congestion

3)    Aging

4)    Hydration

5)    Pigmentation


A full skin treatment including steam customised to your skins individual needs, the face is divided into zones and analysed using Chinese diagnosis. 

Medicated Clearing Treatment - 55 mins                               £49.00

This treatment focuses on only blemish prone skin, purifying and deep cleansing to help prevent future breakout activity.  Includes extractions and deep exfoliation giving the skin a clearer and brighter appearance, balances areas of uneven pigmentation caused by hormone imbalance, UV exposure or pregnancy.

Skin Brightening Treatment - 55 mins                                    £49.00

A treatment designed for pigmented skin, high exfoliating facial with Lactic and Salicylic acids to remove dead skin, brightening and giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Environmental Control Treatment - 55 mins                          £49.00 

A perfect for sensitive skin, a calming, hydrating facial designed to reduce redness, inflammation and rosacea. Includes an oatmeal mask to soother nourish and heal environmentally damaged skin.

Power Regeneration Treatment - 55 mins                              £49.00

An ideal treatment for those with concerns with ageing, drying and sun damage skin.  This nourishing facial energises and helps to regenerate with immediate visible result, using hydroxyl and exfoliation achieving smoother and firmer skin.

Swedish Massage

A therapeutic massage for complete relaxation using a variety of massage techniques and strokes, good for increasing circulation, improving overall skin tone and soothing tired muscles.

Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage – 25 mins                             £28.00

Indian Head Massage – 25 mins                                            £28.00

A blissful, intense head, neck, shoulder and face Ayurevedic massage which relieves tension and stress leaving you feeling revitalized and balanced for everydaylife.

MICRODERMABRASION BACK SHINE – 25 mins                  £35.00

For small pimples and dry skin on the back and shoulders. The skin instantly looks smoother and brighter.


Targeting the pimples and making the skin look instantly smooth and brighter, our luxury back treatment is finished off with a relaxing back massage and skin repair mask.

Manicure – 30 mins                                                                £15.00

A complete prescriptive treatment for your nails, including nail shape, cuticle care, hand massage & varnish.

File, Buff & Hand & Arm Massage – 20 mins                       £12.00

Pedicure – 45mins                                                                £23.00

A complete foot and lower leg treatment that will not only smooth and improve the appearance of your feet and legs but will also prevent foot problems.

Foot Scrub and Massage – 25 mins                                      £16.00

Removal of hard skin, foot scrub followed by an exotic foot massage.


Face & Body Waxing

   Strip Wax

Chest & Stomach


Back & Shoulders


Full Arm


½ Arm


Hot wax Underarm

Shoulders only





Mid Brow