Swedish Massage

A therapeutic massage for complete relaxation using a variety of massage techniques and strokes, good for increasing circulation, improving overall skin tone and soothing tired muscles.

Neck & Back, Shoulder Massage - 25 min           £28.00

Full Body Massage - 55 min

Full Body Massage including Head massage - 65mins

Full Body Massage including Face & Head massage - 75 min




Indian Head Massage

A blissful, intense head neck and shoulder and face ayurevedic massage which relieves tension and stress leaving you feeling revitalised and balanced for everyday life.

25 Min £28.00

Hot Stone Spa Therapy

Warm basalt stones provide a treatment which focus’ on massages and stone placement to offer a complete holistic approach and sensory journey. This stimulates the body’s own ability to release stress and restore peace and relaxation. A complete head to toe treatment!

75 Min                                                                                                               £70.00